About the Exchange

Smarter Fundraising, More Innovation, Bigger Impact

Global Innovation Exchange (GIE) is a tech platform that aims to accelerate innovation in developing countries, using our ever-growing database of innovations and funding to reveal curated content and industry insights for innovative social entrepreneurs, the funders who fund them and other development professionals.

We recently went through a strategic refocusing of our mission in order to identify and define the main target audience - social entrepreneurs with innovations in developing countries - and a clear initial value proposition for them - helping those entrepreneurs fundraise more easily and quickly. The refreshed platform at go.globalinnovationexchange.org aims to deliver this.

While innovative social entrepreneurs are the main focus, GIE also provides significant benefit to:

- Funders (and investors) who want to promote their funding opportunities and/or find innovations, and

­- All development professionals who are interested in learning more about innovations in their sector or geography of interest.

If you’re interested in partnering with us to engage your social entrepreneurs, showcase your open funding or funding portfolio, email us today.  

Legal Disclaimer
The partners and sponsors of the Global Innovation Exchange ("GIE") make no warranties or representations and do not endorse, recommend, or confirm any information or statements made on GIE. GIE is an open and free market of ideas and information, and information contained on GIE does not necessarily reflect the views of the partners or sponsors of GIE. Participants and readers of the Exchange should conduct appropriate due diligence when considering information, innovations, and other resources found on GIE.