C-Change Co.

C-Change Co.

What if the private sector led the way in solving the biggest problems of our time and put its full weight behind an agenda for social progress and change? And what if crowds globally were able to tap into corporate change agendas and resources, collaborating with those companies that share their vision for impact? C-Change is here to help.

C-Change - which stands for ‘corporate change' - exists to trigger businesses to make a difference and equip them to bring their purpose to life. We convene. We consult. And most importantly, we are partnering to bring a ‘LinkedIn-like’ technology platform to market that enables corporations to capture, share, and accelerate their impact.

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Global Grounds at the
Royal Tropical Institute
Mauritskade 63
1092 AD Amsterdam
The Netherlands

T : +31627526683
E : cdebruin@c-change.io

Organization Mission

C-Change exists to trigger busineses and investors to make a difference & equip them to bring their purpose to life

Area of Focus

At C-Change, we work with our clients to develop stronger impact strategies, yet most importantly provide them with an in-house "impact portal" that enables them to capture, share, and accelerate their impact activities. Our belief: To truly make a dent, and make collective action happen, we need smarter, and more connected information systems. Our "LinkedIn for Impact" which we are hoping to launch in partnership with the Social Progress Imperative, USAID*, and others later this year is set up to make it possible for corporations - and ultimately those coalitions and institutions working with these businesses - to be more efficient and achieve greater impact, individually and collectively.

Areas of Expertise

Give business planning and strategy advice, Mapping/GIS, Data expertise