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Democracy International

Democracy International is committed to supporting active citizens, responsive governments, and engaged civil society and political organizations achieve a more peaceful, democratic world. By developing and using new knowledge, tools, and approaches, we change people’s lives and improve development assistance in fundamental ways. To do this, DI works in four core practice areas: Politics, Governance, Peace & Resilience, and Learning.

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Area of Focus


Promoting Responsive Politics and Empowering Citizens

DI supports political systems around the world to be responsive, inclusive, and competitive. We support election administration and reform; domestic and international election observation; political party, and legislative strengthening; civic and voter education; political empowerment of marginalized groups; civil society advocacy and strengthening related to articulating interests; media strengthening and freedom related to political processes; and protection of fundamental political rights, especially in societies with closing political space.READ MOREGovernance

Strengthening Systems of Accountable Governance

DI works to support accountable government systems and institutions that are responsive, effective, and transparent. We promote the rule of law; institutional strengthening and reform; public financial management; local governance and decentralization; transparency and accountability; anti-corruption efforts; legislative strengthening; citizen advocacy and engagement for improved governance and service delivery; and media strengthening for government oversight.READ MOREPeace & Resilience

Supporting Peaceful and Resilient Societies

DI promotes peaceful, democratic transitions and political settlements to resolve conflict so that societies are at peace and can repair their own divisions. DI works to build peace and resilience, the foundations of accountable politics and governance. We promote conflict management and mitigation, countering violent extremism, citizen security, transition initiatives, stabilization, peacebuilding and reconciliation, transitional justice, and atrocity prevention.READ MORELearning

Improving Development Assistance through Learning

DI uses innovation and learning to improve international development outcomes, assistance, and policy. DI prioritizes an evidence-driven approach to improve development outcomes, primarily related to the programming areas of governance, democracy, politics, peace, and resilience. We provide analytical services, including assessments, evaluations, special studies, knowledge management, performance monitoring, strategy design, and institutional support and training.

Areas of Expertise

Suggest/provide funding and resources, Help create a proto-type, Be a mentor, Mapping/GIS