Fintrac contributes to poverty eradication in developing countries by increasing agricultural incomes. We focus on agriculture because it is the primary engine of growth in developing countries, with strong multiplier effects for all other economic sectors. We innovate and introduce market-led, productivity-enhancing, eco-friendly, and sustainable technologies, practices and crops for income generation and food security. We are unwaveringly committed to achieving tangible results, measured by increased client sales and profits. Our work dramatically improves the quality of life for rural families by offering new employment, income, savings and investment opportunities, and the monetary resources to pay for improvements in education, healthcare, nutrition, and housing.

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Organization Mission

For 25 years Fintrac has been a leader in generating rural income and food security. We end hunger and poverty by increasing the productivity and availability of staple and high-value crops. Since 2000, we have contributed to the food security of 4.5 million people through an integrated approach that addressed all constraints along the agricultural value chain. In 2014 alone we supported more than 550,000 rural households and helped our farmers generate $337 million in sales.

Area of Focus

Agriculture: technologies and practices, irrigation, integrated crop management, calendarized planting, harvest and postharvest, enabling environment, value added processing
Climate change and climate-smart agriculture
Gender integration
Natural resource management
Access to finance and markets for smallholder farmers
Monitoring and evaluation, measuring for impact

Areas of Expertise

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