Fosterly is a community of entrepreneurs, creators, and collaborators, all working together to tackle new challenges in business and technology. We connect our members with resources, events, and opportunities, both online and offline. Join Fosterly, and let us help you achieve your entrepreneurial goals

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We are a community of entrepreneurs, creators, and collaborators, all challenging ourselves to find new opportunities in business and technology. The nature of business and technology are changing rapidly; our mission is to build a community continue to innovate in these areas.

Whereas there are tremendous resources available for specific tracks like development or marketing, we take a holistic approach, offering advice and resources for any and all. We believe that we have an obligation to help others find meaningful opportunities to grow, and that prospects can come from the most unexpected places.

It's natural to healthy amount of both excitement and fear when starting a new business. Where others have trepidations, we believe success comes from being bold and tenacious. We take chances. We don't rest on laurels. We know that mistakes are lessons from which to learn, and fixing them should be viewed as course corrections, rather than failure. Conversely, we have seen, time and again, that success for one is success for all. One entrepreneur's achievement is another's motivation.

We favor real, tried-and-tested advice over knee-jerk responses. Being flexible doesn't mean being reactionary, and we understand the difference. The impulse to jump at every potential opportunity, or to pull back from every potential problem, has to be tempered with a balanced look at the whole situation. You don't always have a map at your disposal, but it doesn't mean you shouldn't still bring a compass.

We believe that the elevator pitch has more leverage than the 30-slide PowerPoint. We believe that conversation always trumps lecture. We promise never to just tell you about what's the "right way" to achieve things, only offer you our best advice. We believe that sharing knowledge pays dividends, and that hoarding opportunity limits potential upside.

We are Fosterly. And we are here to help.

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