The Resolution Project - Social Venture Challenges and Resolution Fellowships

The Resolution Project - Social Venture Challenges and Resolution Fellowships

The mission of the Resolution Project is to develop socially-responsible young leaders and empower them to make a positive impact today.

Resolution was founded in 2007 to develop and empower young leaders so they can pursue socially-responsible solutions to issues affecting communities around the world. We designed our Social Venture Challenge (“SVC”) to be an inspiring call to action for university students with an idea for a social venture and we created the Resolution Fellowship to be an ecosystem of support to help them implement their idea and develop as socially-responsible leaders. Resolution’s Social Venture Challenge (SVC) is a business plan-style competition designed to inspire university students to propose solutions to pressing social issues around the world. We host our SVCs in partnership with the universities and youth conferences that attract talented and idealistic young leaders. We invite those young leaders to submit their ideas and participate in a collaborative, multi-stage process that helps them fine-tune their proposals in preparation for a live final round presentation in front a panel of expert judges. Resolution selects those finalists with the best proposals and most compelling personal leadership characteristics to become Resolution Fellows.

As recipients of the Resolution Fellowship, Fellows receive the funding, mentorship and global ecosystem of resources that they need to implement their proposal and develop as socially responsible leaders. Please explore The Pathway to Action to learn more about our story:

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The Resolution Project, Inc.
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Area of Focus

Resolution has a proven model for identifying and inspiring young leaders through our Social Venture Challenges (“SVCs”) and Resolution Fellowships:

We collaborate with existing youth conferences.
We invite undergraduate students attending these conferences to propose social ventures through the SVC.  This is a multi-stage competition, combining web-based submissions, live rounds of presentations, and due diligence.
We award Resolution Fellowships to those young leaders with the most compelling personal leadership characteristics and promising social venture proposals.
We support our Fellows with dynamic, hands-on mentorship, seed funding, and access to world-class global advisory resources from our dedicated team of volunteers and Guides.

The impact of activating potential young leaders through social entrepreneurship is inspiring; they become engaged early in making positive changes in the world and the character of their leadership is infused with social responsibility.FEATURES

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