ADRA Microfinance

ADRA Microfinance

ADRA Microfinance (ADRA) is one of four development programs run by the Adventist Relief and Development Agency in Peru. ADRA was founded in 1996 to provide microfinance and education solutions to vulnerable entrepreneurs who have been traditionally excluded from formal financial markets. Today the organization serves almost exclusively women in peri-urban areas, where inequality is stark and survival is tied strictly to income. To promote solidarity and eliminate the need for collateral, ADRA serves these women via a village bank methodology, providing not only small working capital loans but also vital access to savings, basic financial literacy and business education. 

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Program Status Update

ADRA has been a GP partner since 2012, and despite operating in a competitive microfinance market, ADRA has maintained strong performance and its commitment to mission by focusing on underserved segments in mostly peri-urban areas. The organization also stands out from its peers because it considers non-financial services as core to its value proposition, and therefore GP looks to support ADRA’s continued growth within our Microentrepreneurship initiative.