Amplify is series of ten innovation challenges focused on improving the lives of the billion people living in extreme poverty around the world. In total, we're awarding $5,000,000 of grants, plus additional design support over five years. 

Amplify is a joint initiative of OpenIDEO, and the UK Department for International Aid (DFID). It is made possible through DFID funding. 

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Budget: $5,000,000

Program Status Update

Amplify is a series of ten innovation challenges over five years. Up to five winners of each challenge receive a grant of between $50,000 and $150,000, an invitation to four day human-centered design bootcamp and ongoing design support from  

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Amplify aims to bring increased collaboration and a human-centered design approach to international aid, by using an open innovation platform to seek and select winning ideas. Participants get access to human-centered design tools, experts in development and design and an opportunity to collaborate with others working on similar problems around the world.