backyard gardens

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We have been working with homes and community schools, helping them to plant and grow their own vegetables, fruits in their backyards, mostly these are homes of the elderly, homes run by children, the physically challenged etc. Some community schools have to feed their pupils and by growing gardens they reduce the expenses related to food such as vegetables.

At a Glance

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Budget: $5,000

Program Status Update

We are currently looking for in order to expand our program, we want to reach as to as many schools as possible and homes. We have run on an almost zero budget because we only spend on seed/seedlings and pesticides. We want to promote organic farming /gardening for our targets. All the people working with us just volunteer.


Over 80 % of Zambians are living in poverty. Most of them will either depend on handouts or indulge in risky activities to find money, we are trying to alternatives to such problems.


To improve food security for the less privileged.
Promote health livelihoods in homes run by children.
Promote and educate people about organic farming/gardening.