CreativeU is a user-friendly e-learning portal connecting innovators and learners around the world to high-quality online and mobile content for lifelong learning and career improvement. It is powered by Creative Associates International.


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Program Status Update

We have rolled out CreativeU to 1000's of learners linked to development projects in 10 countries.  We have over 200+ modules on various development topics.


Around the world, there is an online and mobile learning revolution going on.  Old ways of in-person training have proven ineffective at improving performance and reaching scale.  CreativeU and other e-learning initiatives take evidence proven approaches to blending online and in-person training to help people access state-of-the-art training anytime, anywhere.   We also seek to help innovators and other professionals to share their knowledge in effective ways to create greater scale of impact. CreativeU serves the needs of the development community. From project management and leadership to communications and life skills, CreativeU is a one-stop mobile and computer accessible portal for individuals, organizations, and communities working to learn and develop. CreativeU helps organizations integrate a learning management system, and a content management system into their own websites to provide key tools to blended learning and capacity building.


Strengthen the connection of Exhange beneficiaries to one another and other relevant stakeholders, and to resources, networks, and training, for continued development outcomes, scale and impact.  Help Innovators to share their knowledge through e-learning and blended-learning modules, as well as have their own platforms on their sites.