Feed the Future Partnering for Innovation

Feed the Future Partnering for Innovation

Feed the Future Partnering for Innovation is a US Agency for International Development (USAID) program that helps the private sector to scale and market agricultural technologies for smallholder farmers through investing in technology commercialization and knowledge exchange. Partnering for Innovation also works with USAID Missions to create and manage public private partnerships that will improve agricultural productivity. Through its online community, the AgTechXChange.

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Budget: $71,000,000

Program Status Update

Feed the Future Partnering for Innovation (FTF-P4I) is a USAID program that helps the private sector to scale and market agricultural technologies for smallholder farmers through commercialization grants and knowledge exchange. The program also facilitates partnerships between USAID Missions and the private sector and provides business acceleration services.

  • 222,654 smallholder farmers are currently using new technologies in 14 countries.
  • At least 350,000 farmers will be using new technologies by 2017.
  • USAID and partners have committed to an investment of $71 million in partner funding and leverage to fundnew technology and services to improve food security.
  • Since 2013, partners have made $2.58 million in sales of new agricultural technologies to smallholder farmers.
  • 65 new technologies or management practices are now in place for smallholder farmers.
  • FTF-P4I now has 67 partners, with 26 primary and 41 subpartners.
  • FTF-P4I’s AgTechXChange was viewed 30,000 times this year, and 1,200 users are engaging in information-sharing around new technologies and
    scaling for smallholder access and affordability; in addition, 2,000 stakeholders have accessed From Shareholders to Smallholders: A Guide to
    Optimizing Partnerships with the Private Sector for Smallholder Impact, featuring tools and methodologies for private sector engagement.
  • The focus of FTF-P4I’s AgAccelerator Lab in Lake Naivasha, Kenya was improving business results for selling technologies to smallholder
    farmers, and 28 private sector partners worked with peers, business experts, and impact investors to develop customized business development strategies.
  • Finally, FTF-P4I combined efforts in programs and outreach with at least five other USAID and Feed the Future projects to accelerate technology commercialization.


Approximately 870 million people in the world remain hungry. Moreover, 98 percent of them live in developing countries. The world’s population is projected to exceed nine billion by 2050, requiring at least a 60 percent increase in global food production. Under the aegis of Feed the Future, the US government’s global hunger and food security initiative, the US Agency for International Development (USAID) created a new program called Feed the Future Partnering for Innovation and selected Fintrac, a woman owned and US-based consulting company that develops agricultural solutions to end hunger and poverty, to implement the program.
Partnering for Innovation was launched in the fall of 2012 and will make approximately $50 million in grants to businesses, research institutes, universities, and other organizations by 2017. The program specifically looks for proven technologies that can be commercialized into new markets with a goal of helping smallholder farmers, especially women – who make up 43 percent of agricultural labor in developing countries – increase their efficiency and profitability in a commercially sustainable way.



Partnering for Innovation’s goal is to improve the incomes of smallholder farmers, especially women, in developing markets. Outcomes include: • Making proven agricultural technologies commercially accessible to smallholder farmers.
• Fostering Mission-level partnerships to leverage private sector investment in food security. • Identifying, evaluating, and profiling effective private sector engagement models for USAID and other practitioners to use. • Capturing and disseminating best practices in technology development, adoption, and distribution.


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